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First of all, I make no apology for writing about this again. That’s because there’s something new to write about, even if the topic’s the same.

First of all, I make no apology for writing about this again. That’s because there’s something new to write about, even if the topic’s the same. The film Casino Royale is now showing at cinemas all over the world and it’s time for a review.
Two weeks ago I said I had been waiting for this for three years. Well, it’s been worth the wait. Daniel Craig is perfect as Ian Fleming’s spy, James Bond 007. No more silly jokes, no more unrealistic gadgets. This is a story about a spy and the world of spying. Above all, it’s the right way to turn a novel into a film.
So first of all, don’t expect Bond to get a special roulette-wheel-shaped gun, kill someone in the casino and then make a sarcastic joke as he adjusts his tie. That style has gone away at last. Also, this isn’t a film to take small children to. It’s more violent than Licence To Kill and the make-up department probably had to buy more theatrical blood for this one than the previous films.
On the other hand, expect a more complicated storyline than before. It all makes sense in the end so don’t worry if you can’t follow everything. Also, if you see it with someone else, please consider the other people in the cinema. This means don’t explain every scene to your friend. The rest of the audience came for the film and not your commentary. I mention this because quite a lot of people really don’t know how to shut up during a film.
Pierce Brosnan said about the previous film that it was the best for the first fifteen minutes. Once Bond walked into the hotel in Hong Kong, it was just your normal far-fetched action film. He’s right, because Die Another Day looked like quite a different film from the pre-title sequence to the scene on the hospital ship. Then when you start adding an invisible car, the film is clearly saying ‘Switch your brain off now”. This time the producers have go it right. Mr Brosnan probably wishes he had been in this film.
So there you have it. This is my film of the week, and in fact the year. Casino Royale is the only James Bond film I rate as ten out of ten. Let’s hope they follow it with something equally strong. Bond 22 is scheduled for 2008.

Some language points:
The film is showing at cinemas all over the world.
You could also say:
The film is on at cinemas all over the world.
The film is on worldwide release.
And here’s something interesting:
The cinema is showing the film.
The film is showing at the cinema.
In the second sentence, ‘showing’ is an intransitive verb. This means that it doesn’t have an object (the film isn’t showing something; it is just ‘showing’).
And a little game to play:
In the crossword, can you put the surnames of all the actors who have played James Bond in films? Their first names are given as clues. One of them played Bond only once and one of them played him in a comedy film.

a review – recenzja
a commentary – komentarz
previous – poprzedni
storyline = plot = the main story of the film
(a secondary story is called a subplot)
to consider = to think about
far-fetched = unrealistic or unbelievable

Did you know?
When the story was first turned into a television drama in 1957, the main character’s name was changed to Jimmy Bond. He worked for the Americans rather than the British.
In the 44 years of the Bond films, this is the first one where it rains.
The film makers destroyed three cars, each worth $300,000, in one afternoon’s filming.

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